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Transfer data from another provider

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  • Moving a page from provider A to B can be a fairly lengthy process – but if done correctly the process is smooth. Below are the steps on how to most easily move a website to us.

  • The process includes the following steps.
  • Move Website Files (FTP)
  • Move database (If used)
  • Move Email (If Needed)
  • Configure the website so that it works on our servers.
  • Change the DNS of the domain to our DNS settings.

Move website files

  • There are several ways to transfer data. The most common ways are:
  • Transfer via FTP by copying the website’s data locally and then importing the files to your server site with us via FTP
  • 46 / 5 000 Översättningsresultat Copy and transfer files via shell/terminal.
  • Our own migration tool that you can read more about via: Migrator FTP

If you have a WordPress, we recommend that you transfer the data via the WP plugin Duplicator as it is adapted to move WordPress pages.

Move the database

  • The database move consists of the steps below.
  • Export the contents of the database (SQL file) from your old web host.
  • Create a new database with us according to the instructions in Creating databases
  • Import the SQL file that you previously exported.
  • It is also possible to use our migration tool for databases.

Most older versions of MySQL or MariaDB databases are compatible with newer versions.

Move Emails

  • If it isn’t possible to manually export email from another provider, you can use our own migration tool. The tool allows you to copy over an existing e-mail box to your server with us. Instructions for that process can be found at Migrate Email

Once you have completed the e-mail transfer, you can easily check the result by logging in to your webmail with us. Assuming you have IMAP with your previous provider, all received and sent messages will be moved and your folder structure/directory structure will be intact.

Configure your website/application

  • Once you have moved your site and associated database, only the configuration remains. The correction/change must be made in the configuration file used to connect to the connected database. For WP, this is done in wp-config.php for example.

Do not forget to test the functionality of your website by modifying the host file. Check all subpages and administration.

Change the DNS

  • Once you have ensured that the website is moved correctly, the last step is to change the DNS records.
  • If you have not changed the registrar for the domain, it is easiest to ask your current registrar to change to our name servers. Note that such a change takes between 24-48h.

Congratulations! You have now transferred your website and associated database/email to your web host with us!

Updated on 26. April 2022
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