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Spam from email address

Instruktioner lämpliga för nybörjare

part of the spam protection, outgoing e-mails from your mailboxes are always checked with our spam filter. If the message to be sent is classified as spam, it is prevented from being sent and the user receives a message telling why it is stopped. You can then edit the message so that it can be sent without being stopped.

If our system detects repeated attempts to send messages that are spam-rated, the address may be blocked from sending emails. This is especially true of automated messages that can send a single message to dozens of addresses in fractions of a second.

If you have received a message that a large number of spam has been sent from your email account, it is probably due to one of these reasons:


Attackers are constantly looking for new insecure systems that can be used for their gains, such as the web, email addresses, and your devices at home or at work.

We therefore recommend that you take the following steps:

  • Scan your website for viruses and plug in any security holes.
  • Update Email Accounts (Change Password)
  • Set up a GEOIP protection for your email address
  • Check devices that have access to virus email addresses – e.g. Your computer or your phone.

These steps should be taken regularly as a precautionary measure. Password changes are generally recommended every 3 to 6 months, for password management it is possible to use so-called password managers.

2. The email/newsletter you were trying to send was incorrectly formatted

Sometimes a message or newsletter that you have tried to send as legitimate e-mail can be classified as spam. Our spam filter only checks the content, so such a block is always a question of what is in the subject or body of the message, and the blocked message, therefore, needs to be carefully checked and adjusted in order to be sent.

Updated on 24. May 2022
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