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Protection limit for the number of e-mails sent

Instruktioner lämpliga för nybörjare

To protect email addresses from being misused by hackers to send spam, we have introduced a limit on sending emails. You’re allowed to send 300 emails per hour and the domain as a whole can send up to 2000 emails per hour.

If an e-mail is delivered to several recipients, the total number of recipients is included in the limit. The limit does not apply to e-mails sent to any mailboxes located at WebSupport.

Once the limit has been exceeded, it will not be possible to send additional emails for the next 60 minutes. Messages sent during blocking are not delivered and need to be resent after 60 minutes. When sending through the SMTP server, the e-mail client will refuse to send additional e-mails after the error message. When sending via phpmail (), no error message is displayed.

If you do not need to send all e-mails at once, you can use a batch e-mail client or a specialized service. For example:

The reason we have these limits is simply to ensure that emails sent through our servers are not classified as spam.

Updated on 17. May 2022
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