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Change email password

Instruktioner lämpliga för nybörjare

Forgot your password for your email address or do you need to change your password for some other reason? You can change the password to your e-mail address in several different ways – with the current password via Webmail. If you do not remember the current e-mail password, you need access to your control panel. If you do not have it, you can contact the IT manager at your company, or the person who has access to the control panel with us.

Via Webmail with current e-mail password

  • Sign in to our Webmail » with your current password.
  • Select “Settings” on the left and then “Password”.
  • Enter your old password, followed by the new one.
  • Click Save

Via the Control Panel and your admin password.

  • In the Services section, select the domain for which the email address applies.
  • Select the desired email account.
  • Click Change password.
  • Enter the new password, and repeat it.
  • Click Save.

If you do not even have a password for the Control Panel, you can reset it on the login screen. If you have a developer or administrator who takes care of this for you, contact them.

Tänk på!

Det minsta antalet tecken för ett nytt lösenord är 8. Använd stora och små bokstäver och siffror, men vi rekommenderar också specialtecken (Dock inte Å, Ä eller Ö).

Updated on 19. May 2022

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