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Which SSL should I choose?

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Some websites or server configurations require a specific type of SSL. There are several factors to consider before purchasing an SSL certificate, including how your site is set up, how many domains you want to secure, and whether you want to install SSL yourself.

If it is a personal website, we recommend the Let’s Encrypt certificate, which is free for anyone who coughs with us. If it is a company website, e-shop, or registration page, we recommend a premium SSL certificate.

Premium SSL certificate

In many cases, a Let’s Encrypt certificate is enough, but if, for example, you have to drive with Swish or Klarna in your webshop, your own IP address may be required, which results in you needing a Premium certificate.

When it comes to security, both certificates provide the same level of encryption. The difference lies in the credibility that the premium certificate evokes.

This certificate can be issued for 1 domain (for the www version and the non-www version).

Free SSL certificate

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt Certificates are basic, free SSL certificates designed to easily secure a website and manage it at an HTTPS address. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates can be created and installed directly via the WebAdmin web interface. They are available on all our web hosts. To issue and renew the certificate, it requires that the website is with us.

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Updated on 8. April 2022

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