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How to fix insecure http sites

Instruktioner lämpliga för nybörjare

As of July 23, 2018, all HTTP sites have been marked as insecure in Google Chrome. To view the green lock and be marked as “secure”, you must have a verified SSL certificate and run the site at an address beginning with https: // for example https://www.websupport.se

Example warning

Example of a secure website

What needs to be done?

  1. Obtain an SSL certificate and redirect the page to HTTPS
  2. Also, make sure that external web content (CSS / JS files and other embedded content) is loaded from HTTPS addresses.

How to obtain an SSL certificate?

We currently offer two different SSL certificates, both of which can be ordered via the control panel.

  • Free Let’s Encrypt certificate provides basic security.
  • Paid SSL certificates that provide a higher level of security.
Updated on 25. May 2022

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