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Change your DNS to an external provider

If you have a domain registered with us and want to connect it to a website hosted by another provider, you need to change this in your DNS editor. The DNS instructions that you need to switch to are provided by the provider that manages your website.

Change NS records

To change the DNS provider for your domain, please follow the steps below. This resets your name servers which include all traffic for your domain.

1. Sign in to admin.websupport.se
2. Navigate to your services and select the domain in question.
3. Select DNS in the menu to the left.
4. Click NS
5. Enter the new name servers.

Individual DNS settings

If you do not want or need to change your name servers (all traffic), you can instead change parts of the domain. This can be beneficial if you only want to point the website to a new provider. Another example is if you only want to point your E-mail to, for example, Microsoft365. Individual pointers do not affect other services linked to your domain.

Change A-records

A-records are always IP addresses In this case, point your domain to the IP address of the server where the website is located that you want to connect. The IP address is provided by the provider where you have your website. You change the pointer via the DNS interface in our control panel. Note that TTL determines how long it takes before the change takes effect.

1. Select A-records in the menu to the left
2. Remember to change both the A-record for both domain.se and the A-pointer for www.domain.se so that you can reach your website from both addresses.
3. Klick Edit next to the respective records and enter the new IP address.

Change CNAME records

CNAME is an alias for the domain. The instruction for this record is also provided by the provider for your service.

Automatic DNS settings

We have also prepared several automatic sets that you can easily apply. This includes DNS sets for WordPress, Microsoft365, G-Suite, etc.


If the website you want to point to is under a different domain name and the provider does not support redirection via CNAME, the solution is to create a redirect that you can use to direct the domain to another target domain.

Updated on 6. April 2022

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