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Transfer service to another user

Instruktioner lämpliga för nybörjare

By changing owners, your service is transferred to another account with us. By transferring, the original owner loses control of the service.

An owner change costs SEK 249 excl. VAT and can either be paid by the new owner or previous owner in connection with the transfer.

1. Sign in to the Control Panel »
2. Click on the name in the upper right corner.
3. Select Change service owner
4. Click Select Change the owner of my services .

Choice of services intended for change of ownership

You can choose from your services below the ones you want to transfer from one account to another. The services have been grouped and for each selected group there is a separate request at the end. At the same time, you can specify in selected services whether your data (such as FTP content, e-mail messages, and databases) will be deleted after the actual service transfer.

Clicking the delete data request deletes your data for services such as FTP content, emails, and databases. Do not click to keep the content.

Select the future owner of the service you want to transfer.

Enter the username (login) of the user – the new owner of the service or create a new account.

Översättningsresultat Complete your transfer.

Once you have selected the service to be transferred and to whom it will be transferred, click Continue to confirm. If the transfer is successful, you will receive a confirmation at the same time as the transfer will be added under Sent Requests where it will remain until it is received by the recipient. You can cancel the transfer until the receiving party receives it.

When everything is approved by both parties and the invoice for the transfer is paid, the owner of the selected services is changed. Note, however, that if the transfer contains a .se or .nu domain, a form is sent out that needs to be physically signed by the current owner before the transfer can be completed.

Updated on 31. January 2024
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