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Support for old SQL databases is being removed

At the beginning of 2023, we will stop supporting several outdated versions of SQL databases. Below you will find information to help you prepare for the upgrade and ensure your website’s compatibility with the newer version.

Overview of the update of old SQL databases

Database versionUpdate dateUpdated to
MariaDB 10.1from 1.2.2023MariaDB 10.5
MySQL 5.72023
PostgreSQL 102023
Plan for updating individual SQL versions. We will send the specific date for your databases by e-mail.

The update will take place automatically and without changing the access data of the database. You don’t need to change the settings of your application/website.

Do you want to update your database to a newer version directly?

If you want to update to a newer version of the SQL database on your own you can do it directly. In order to update your SQL database you will need to follow this guide: Migration/update of MySQL databases.

Keep in mind that when you update your database on your own, the user information will be changed and you will need to update those settings for your website to continue to work.

Website compatibility and changes

If you use a modern editorial system, e.g. WordPress, your website should work without problems with newer versions of SQL databases. All the most used editorial systems are compatible with these versions – just use their latest versions together with the current versions of plugins and themes.

Official change documentation

If you are using a custom website/application, you may find the official documentation and description of changes between individual versions useful.

Updated on 25. January 2023
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