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Course of events when invoicing

In this article, you will learn how invoicing works with us at Websupport. How we send invoices, what due date they have and how the course of events is after your invoice has been created.

An invoice is automatically created 30 days before the service expires. The invoice is sent via e-mail or post to the address specified in your invoicing profile.

Keep your contact and/or billing email up to date. If someone else is in charge of your accounting/invoicing, make sure that the invoices are delivered to the correct address specified in your invoicing profile.

30 days before your service expires, an invoice will be generated. If you forget to pay the invoice, you will receive a reminder one week before the service expires that your payment is delayed. If you do not respond within a week, we will deactivate your service. In this state, your service can be reactivated without any problems. But if we do not register your payment one week after deactivation, you will receive an email to your contact address that the process for removing the service has begun and that they will be deleted.

You will find an example of the entire course of events below.

Updated on 25. May 2022
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